Embraer Legacy 500 History

The "Legacy 500" is Brazilian-based Embraer's entry into the competitive corporate VIP jet market with an expected price in the $20 million USD range. The aircraft features the latest in technology, both inside and out, to promote a very robust and luxurious flight for even the most fastidious of air travelers. As of this writing (May 2014), the Legacy 500 is nearing its certification with deliveries of completed units set to commence this very year. The Legacy 500 is set to compete with offerings from Bombardier, Cessna, and Gulf Stream. The initial prototype vehicle was unveiled on December 23rd, 2011 and three total aircraft have been built to date.

Externally, the Legacy 500 takes a conventional midsize business jet form with a pointed, short nosecone ahead of the cockpit, tubular windowed fuselage and T-style tail unit mounting its horizontal tailplanes high. The mainplanes are low-mounted under the fuselage and well-swept, capped by economically-minded winglets. The engines are held away from the fuselage in a noise-reducing move while providing the necessary clearance over the mainplanes and under the tailplanes. The undercarriage is wholly retractable and of the tricycle variety (double-wheeled nose leg and double-wheeled main legs). The typical operating crew is two not counting any inflight support staff. Entry/Exit is through a lowering portside door near the cockpit that doubles as an integrated staircase.

Internally, the cockpit shines with modern technology including four large (15"), full-color Multi-Function Display (MFD) units spanning the width of the forward instrument panel. Controlling is by side sticks (left side for left pilot and right side for right pilot) while assisted by Fly-By-Wire (FBW) technology. The "Pro Line Fusion" cockpit is from Rockwell Collins. Throttle controls are expectedly found along the center console. Each pilot position is afforded a comfortable seat and excellent views out-of-the-cockpit. Special vision-assist systems will be introduced in 2015 to provide improved situational awareness, particularly on take-off and landing runs. Passengers will be given access to luxury through comfortable large seats (for seating up to 12 persons), collapsing table surfaces and large porthole windows allowing in abundant natural lighting.

Power is being served through 2 x Honeywell HTF7500E series turbofan engines offering up to 6,500 thrust output each. Performance specifications include a range of 3,450 miles at cruising speeds (about 630 miles per hour or Mach 0.83), a service ceiling of 46,000 feet and a rate-of-climb of 3,750 feet per minute. Dimensions include a running length of 20.5 meters, a wingspan of 20.2 meters and a height of 6.7 meters.

When compared to competing designs found elsewhere, the Legacy 500 is set to make waves upon its arrival with the high-level corporate crowd and wealthy travelers.

Embraer Legacy 500 Specification


Active, In-Service


[ 88 Units ]:
Embraer - Brazil


- Commercial Market

- Business Jet

- VIP Transport



67.32 ft (20.52 m)


66.40 ft (20.24 m)


22.08 ft (6.73 m)


2 x Honeywell HTF7500E turbofan engines developing 6,500 lb of thrust each.


Service Ceiling:

45,997 feet (14,020 m; 8.71 miles)

Maximum Range:

3,452 miles (5,555 km; 2,999 nm)


3,750 ft/min (1,143 m/min)




Legacy 500 - Base Series Designation; representing an extended fuselage model version of the Legacy 450 line.

Praetor 600 - Modernized 12-passenger variant announced in October 2018.

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