Transmisie Aligator History

The "Aligator"is a local Slovakian 4x4 multirole armored car design. Work on the type began in 1992 by Transmisie with (financial backing from Kerametal) and three prototypes emerged before the end of the decade. The cars use extensive off-the-shelf equipment/components to keep costs in check, were not formally adopted into Slovakian Army service until 2005. Since then, over 2,200 units were manufactured.

The car is of conventional form-and-function through-and-through, given all of the expected qualities to survive the modern battlefield of the 1990s. Four large rubber-tired road-wheels located at each corner of the chassis for good balance and relatively high ground clearance ensures excellent cross-country performance. The tires have an inherent "run-flat" feature enhancing vehicle survivability and power assist is given the axles. Standard installations include a fire detection and suppression system as well as full communications suite. Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) protection is optional as is night-vision equipment and air conditioning. Entry-exit of the vehicle by the primary crew is through side-mounted, hinged automobile-style doors. These come complete with bullet resistant windows. The vehicle can be made amphibious through an optional kit. , a propeller unit being installed to drive the car through water sources.

The overall arrangement of the car is traditional with the driver at front-left and the engine in the bow. Five total personnel can be housed in the car including the driver. An oversized door is affixed to the rear hull face hinged to open left. Armor protection is light with angles being used liberally throughout. The engine hood is noticeably shallow for a natural ballistics protection quality. All-welded steel is used in the hull's construction and protection is up to small arms fire (7. 62mm) and artillery spray. Add-on armor is optional to help increase the vehicle's survivability in-the-field.

Power is through a German Deutz BF6M 1013 6-cylinder water-cooled, turbocharged engine developing 195 horsepower used to drive the 4x4 wheeled arrangement. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

While typically unarmed, the cars can install a 7. 62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) over the hull roof or man-portable missile launcher. Three smoke grenade dischargers are featured at each rear-hull side for an in-built self-screening capability. Also, any personal weapons carried by the occupants can come into play.

Variants in the series include an Observation and Reconnaissance Post (ORP) vehicle, police/security (PCM) model, Police Support Operations (PSO) model, NBC Reconnaissance (RCHBO) form, Battlefield Engineering (ZV) vehicle, and a Mobile Command Post (MCP). A pair of mine-detection versions were built at some point and a 6x6 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) was proposed during its history.

The updated Aligator "Master II" was debuted by Kerametal at International Defense Exhibition IDEB 2016 with improved survivability features, a 7. 62mm- or 12. 7mm-armed Remote Weapon Station (RWS) over the hull roof, and a lengthened chassis/hull to increase total occupancy to ten personnel and carry a broader cargo load. The Master II is marked as a Third Generation light armored vehicle.

Transmisie Aligator Specification


Service Year






In Active Service.






Transmisie / Kerametal - Slovakia




Amphibious Assault

Traverse bodies of open water under own power with / without preparation.

Armored Car

Design, of typically lightweight nature, providing onroad/offroad capabilities for the scouting or general security roles.


Can conduct reconnaissance / scout missions to assess threat levels, enemy strength, et al - typically through lightweight design.


General utility-minded design to accomplish a variety of battlefield tasks, typically in a non-direct-combat fashion.

Special purpose design developed to accomplish an equally-special battlefield role or roles.


Wheeled Arrangement

Wheeled arrangement gives this system an inherent road-running capability, enhancing mobility.

Remote Weapon Station (RWS)

Vehicle supports a remote-operated weapons station, reducing crew exposure to outside dangers.


System can enter and traverse open water sources - either rivers, lakes, and streams; Amphibious Assault operation support.

Cross-Country Capability

Design includes such features as a track-link system or high ground clearance to better traverse offroad.

Angled Armor

Angled armor at key facings adds inherent ballistics protection to the vehicle.

Enhanced Armor Protection

Protection is enhanced by way of additional armor being installed over that of standard levels; plate steel for older designs and reactive armor for modern types.

NBC Protection

Crew is provided (either as standard or optional) protection against Nuclear-Biological-Chemical agents for enhanced survivability in contaminated zones.

Smoke Screening

Vehicle has capability to self-generate a smoke screen, either through launched grenades or built-in engine funtion (raw fuel injection).


Crew has access to night-vision equipment, allowing for low-light or night time operations.


Vehicle features an in-built anti-infantry capability for local defense of the vehicle or general troop suppression.

Troop Carrier

Vehicle (or its variants) has an inherent troop-carrying capability, providing protected cover for embarked allies in contested areas.

Remote Weapons Station

Vehicle supports an unmanned weapons station controlled remotely from within the safety of the vehicle.


Vehicle's proven running gear and overall makeup lends itself well to fulfill other battlefield roles by way of specialized designs.



14. 4 ft

4. 4 m


7. 2 ft

2. 2 m


6. 4 ft

1. 95 m


13,228 lb

6,000 kg


6. 6 tons



1 x Duetz liquid-cooled 6-cylinder turbocharged engine developing 195 horsepower driving conventional all-wheeled / 4x4 wheeled arrangement.


1 x 6-speed automatic transmission system.


74. 6 mph

(120. 0 kph)


372. 8 mi

(600. 0 km)


Optional: 1 x 7. 62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) OR 1 x 12. 7mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) over turret roof. Master II Variant: Remote Weapon Station (RWS) on hull roof armed with 7. 62mm GPMG. 6 x Smoke Grenade Dischargers (three per hull side) or, in Master II variant, on RWS. Also any personal weapons carried by the crew.


Dependent upon weapons fitted.


Aligator - Base Series Name. Aligator ORP - Observation and Reconnaissance Post. Aligator PCM - Police/Security vehicle. Aligator PSO - Police Support Operations form. Aligator MCP - Mobile Command Post variant. Aligator APC - Proposed 6x6 wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier model. Aligator MINE - Mine Detection vehicle; two examples completed. Aligator Master II - Model of 2016; RWS over hull roof; lengthened hull; increased internal space for up to ten personnel; enhanced performance and survival.

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