Military Muscle

Military Muscle is the result of 5 years research and development to bring a supplement to the market that is safe for military personnel to use but also effective.

It’s a vegan friendly, natural testosterone booster with carefully selected nutrients that have clinical studies proving they work. In addition, careful consideration has been placed on the amount of each ingredient included. No surprise then to hear the man behind the product is in the military, has a bachelor’s degree and studying for his post-graduate degree in Exercise, Sports and Nutrition.

The care and attention that has gone in to formulating and bringing this supplement to the market is second-to-none, and if you’re serving in the military, play sports or just want to perform better in every aspect, Military Muscle is the true military-grade supplement you have been looking for!

Executive Summary

Let’s take a quick look at the Pro’s and Con’s before we analyze this supplement in greater detail.

Pros Cons
  1. No banned substances

  2. 100% natural and safe

  3. Vegan friendly

  4. Transparent nutrient profile – you know what you’re getting!

  5. Clinically proven ingredients

  6. High dose

  7. Supports muscle strength, size and stamina

  8. Free shipping

  9. Money back guarantee

  10. The founder is serving in the military

  11. Great Trustpilot score

  12. Loads of fitness information on their website and social media

  13. Multi-buy bundles with tee shirts & workout plans

  14. High quality

  15. Money-back guarantee

  16. Made in the USA & UK

  17. Lay-buy option at 0%

  1. May be considered expensive compared to lesser products

  2. A few complaints online about some shipping delays in early 2020

  3. 6 pills a day

  4. Tee-shirt only available with 6 bottle orders

Already we can see we’re on to a winner here with Military Muscle, but what makes it so good? It is all in the nutrient profile.

And, unlike many other supplements that hide their ingredients behind a proprietary blend, Military Muscle is completely transparent, so you know exactly what and how much is in your daily dose. No nasty surprises or worthless filler, here!


Unlike most other supplement, there’s a large number of ingredients included aimed at helping you with raising natural levels of testosterone to improving recovery through enhanced sleep and reduced inflammation.

Remember, you can only train harder and for longer when you can recovery adequately, otherwise you’ll be hit with fatigue and plateau as you become chronically over-trained.

  1. Vitamin D

    Lots of people around the world do not meet their daily targets for vitamin D. Military Muscle contains a huge amount because vitamin D offers a great deal of health benefits such as promoting a healthy level of testosterone and there’s overwhelming evidence from a university study that shows vitamin D helps prevent upper-respiratory illnesses for soldiers and athletes. [1] [2]

  2. Ashwagandha

    600mg of Ashwagandha (as found in each daily dose of Military Muscle) has demonstrated in clinical studies that it can increase test levels, improve strength when compared to a placebo. [3]

  3. Fenugreek

    Looking to improve your libido? Suffer no more! 500mg of this wonder herbal extract is proven to cut fat, increase testosterone and your sexual prowess. [4] [5]

  4. Zinc

    Often overlooked, or just not known enough by many, but zinc is hugely important, and it is easily lost through intense workout that make you sweat, hot weather or from urinating. Military Muscle packs in 20mg of zinc which is proven to prevent a testosterone deficiency. [6]

  5. Boron

    Barely anyone has heard of boron, and it sounds like a superhero fuel or weapon system, and quite frankly it is your superpower to reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function and increase testosterone! [7]

  6. Iron

    Athletes are at risk of high iron ‘turnover’, that means iron loss through hard, intense workout and physical training. If you’re in the military, you are basically an athlete, anyway!

    A lack of iron can reduce your performance, and if you have low iron there’s a chance that you’re also suffering from low testosterone. [8]

  7. Vitamin A

    Studies have shown that when vitamin A is supplemented together with iron over a 6-month period it can be as effective as hormonal therapy! [9]

    Vitamin A also has a leading role in immunity, reducing inflammation and preventing respiratory tract infections.

  8. Vitamin K2

    This vitamin helps prevent a decline in natural test levels and is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. [10]

  9. Urtica Dioica (Stinging Nettle Extract)

    There’s evidence that demonstrates this extract is able to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (the female sex hormone) and in the dose provided by Military Muscle it helps reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia. [11]

  10. D-Aspartic Acid

    If you’re wanting higher sperm health and motility, D-Aspartic Acid is for you. It’s also proven to increase test levels after 3 months use. [12]

  11. Mucuna Pruriens

    Ever heard of mucuna pruriens? Probably not unless you do research into botanicals and natural herb extracts. But if you do, you’ll know that it is highly effective at improving libido, erections and testosterone. [13]

Daily Dose

You may have noticed that in the ingredient breakdown we mentioned some of the doses. That’s because many supplements may include ingredients that have clinical evidence of their effectiveness, but they fall way short on the doses need to actually offer any benefit to the user.

This is a strong point for Military Muscle, they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure you’re getting the doses that work!

This does mean each daily dose is 3850mg and consists of 6 vegan friendly capsules.

So, everyday you have to take these 6 pills for the benefits outlined in the ingredients section.

We shall also mention that not only are these pills HPMC (veggie-caps) but they’re transparent, this is because research has shown that some colorings used for capsules can be toxic, and that’s a risk the guys at Military Muscle didn’t want to take.

Military Muscle Test Booster Supplement Review


With all of these pills and ingredients, it’s no going to come cheap, but while it is more expensive than some other inferior supplements on the market at $69 per bottle it isn’t too bad. You get a 30-day supply in each bottle.

If you want to get even better value, you could buy one of their bundles which reduces the price per bottle, and you can get free tee-shirts!

Global shipping is also free of charge!

Final Thoughts

We just love that a serving soldier has taken the time to assess what is missing in the test booster market and taken his expertise to create a supplement that is formidable and effective.

What set’s Military Muscle apart from the rest is the attention to detail, be this in the doses or the actual ingredients, they’ve pin-pointed the areas that most people are deficient in, and these deficiencies reduce performance. So, in turn they’re getting the nutrients over to you that your body craves to operate effectively.

However, it’s not just all about testosterone, it’s about recovery, sleep, reducing inflammation and improving brain function as well as your libido!