Beretta GLX-160 UBL History

Introduced in 2008, the Beretta GLX-160 was developed in concert with the ARX-160 assault rifle for the Italian Army. It is a 40mm, single-shot system projecting various types of 40x46mm grenade munitions and adds roughly 2.2lbs as an Under Barrel Launcher (UBL) unit to the base ARX-160 assault rifle. Overall length is 14.3 inches with its barrel measuring 11 inches long. The GLX-160 is one of the growing number of UBLs that can serve as a conventional UBL system or as a stand-alone launcher. As a stand-alone launcher, a five-position telescoping stock is affixed for shoulder support with integrated pistol grip for the primary hand. The trigger is of a Double-Action (DA) design and the locking system of a rotating bolt function. Mechanical iron sights are included as a front adjustable (for windage and elevation) and a multi-position rear arrangement with optics also being supported. The system also includes an ambidextrous safety mechanism with a "loaded chamber" indicator. Construction is largely of weight-saving polymer.

In action, the chamber of the GLX-160 is exposed by the operator grasping the two sides of the lower receiver section, making up the barrel, and pushing the assembly forward to expose the empty breech (or access a spent shell casing if the case may be). A fresh projectile is then inserted into the chamber, the section brought back to the receiver until locked closed and the weapon made ready to fire.

Beretta GLX-160 UBL Specification


- Area Effect


Overall Length:

363 mm (14.29 in)

Barrel Length:

280 mm (11.02 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

2.20 lb (1.00 kg)


Included optics or rifle optics.



Double-Action; Single-Shot


12 rounds-per-minute


GLX-160 - Base Series Designation

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