Milkor SuperSix MGL History

Milkor of South Africa has a long-standing history in the realm of automatic grenade launchers leading to their sixth generation iteration that is the "SuperSix" six-shot, 40mm Multi-Range Grenade Launcher ("MRGL"). The weapon was added to the company line in 2012 and represents a modified approach to the preceding MGL-140 and its 140mm length cylinder. The SuperSix can be ordered in 105mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm cylinder lengths which help broaden its tactical appeal and usefulness to military, security and police firms of the world.

The SuperSix continues use of a portable, hand-held launching system with a proven semi-automatic response action. The cylinder (regardless of length) holds up to six ready-to-fire grenades for both lethal and non-lethal use. A foregrip aids in supporting the weapon as does an adjustable shoulder stock. The shoulder stock also includes a recoil dampening feature for improved fire and is designed in-line with the barrel for maximum accuracy on shot placement. Sections of Picatinny rail (quad rail arrangement) have also been added at the heat shield and over the receiver for accepting various optical fittings, aimers and tactical lights.

As the SuperSix supports Low Velocity (LV) and Medium Velocity (MV) ammunition, it can reach out to ranges between 400 meters and 800 meters though testing has seen this pushed out as far as 1,200 meters. The semi-automatic action coupled with the rotating cylinder arrangement allows the shooter to empty the weapon in around three seconds. Dimensions include an overall length (with butt extended) of 805mm (725mm otherwise) with a minimal length of 515mm with the butt completely removed from the unit. Construction is of military grade materials and plastics are used where possible to minimize carrying weight.

Beyond its assumed grenadier role, the weapon can also be affixed to vehicles, watercraft and helicopters as needed.

Milkor SuperSix MGL Specification


- Area Effect


Overall Length:

805 mm (31.69 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

11.68 lb (5.30 kg)


Standard Iron; Optional Optics



Semi-Automatic; Revolving Cylinder


120 rounds-per-minute

Effective Range:

2,625 ft (800 m; 875 yd)


SuperSix MGL - Base Series Designation

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