Modern land fighting forces have found better ways to transport for the standard infantryman into full-fledged grenadier through widespread adoption of portable, repeat-fire grenade-launching projectors. In the West this has typically fallen to the 40mm caliber grenade while Soviet/Russian counterparts have centered on their own 30mm grenade type. For the Chinese, historically Soviet/Russian in their design endeavors, have elected for a 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) system in the LG4. The weapon takes on the familiar shape and function of its Western counterparts in a highly-portable, service rifle-style body. The repeat-fire function is accomplished through a six-round rotating cylinder at center, the chambers capable of firing all manner of the 40x53mm grenade common to U.S. forces and NATO operators.

At its core, the LG4 is of an all-modern approach complete with high tolerance metals and lightweight composites. The stock is skeletal and hinged to fold out of the way when not needed or to support trickier shots around corners and the like. The blocky receiver houses the internal action and features the trigger ground and pistol grip handle. The trigger loop is large enough to be used by a gloved hand. The six-round cylinder sits at center and rotates to bring the next chamber in line with the semi-automatic action at rear and the barrel at front. The barrel is given an octagonal shape and sports a vertical foregrip along a short section of Picatinny rail. Above the ammunition cylinder is another section of rail to support various optics fittings. Various finishes are also applied to the product to camouflage it based on the operating war zone.

NORINCO LG4 Specification


- Area Effect


Overall Length:

780 mm (30.71 in)

Barrel Length:

300 mm (11.81 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

11.79 lb (5.35 kg)





Semi-Automatic; Revolving Cylinder

Muzzle Velocity:

250 feet-per-second (76 meters-per-second)


20 rounds-per-minute

Effective Range:

1,235 ft (376 m; 412 yd)


LG4 - Base Series Designation

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