Pindad SAR-2 History

The SAR-2 is a single-shot grenade launcher system firing a 38mm projectile - generally for anti-riot actions. The weapon sports an overall length of 763mm with a barrel measuring 360mm long while weighing 2.36 kilograms. Effective range is out to 125 meters. The trigger relies on a Double-Action (DA) arrangement. As a single-shot weapon, the operator must reload after each shot by "breaking" the weapon ahead of the action (a hinge helps accomplish this) to expose the chamber. The barrel sits ahead of the receiver in the usual way with a hinged foregrip underneath. The trigger group is set ahead of an angled pistol grip which, itself, is ahead of a solid shoulder stock. Polymers help to keep weight down and a flip-up type sight, used in conjunction with the forward (fixed) sight, provide some ranged accuracy.

Two types of ammunition are listed for the SAR-2: MU 38MM AR1 (tear gas) and MU 38mm (Kartet).

Development of the weapon is through Pindad of Indonesia who maintains a healthy resume of small arms for both local and foreign use.

Pindad SAR-2 Specification


- Area Effect

- Specialized Role



Flip-Up Rear; Front Post



Double-Action; Single-Shot


SAR-2 - Base Series Designation

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