Steyr AUG Para History

The success of the Austrian Steyr AUG assault rifle family naturally encouraged the weapon to span out into other gun classifications to suit operator tastes. It had always been intended to be a modular weapons platform of sorts and so a carbine, sub-carbine and light machine gun form was made possible by simple changing of the standard barrel.

The AUG Para - a submachine gun type weapon - was debuted in 1988 that utilized the same basic polymer receiver (including carrying handle/optics sight) as the base AUG line though with a shorter 16.5 inch barrel and reworked internals to manage the different firing action and smaller ammunition. Unlike the gas-operated, full-length AUG rifle breeds, the AUG Para was a blowback-operated weapon - doing away with the standard gas system of operation. In addition to this change, the AUG Para was given a different bolt assembly and magazine well to accept the visibly thinner 9mm magazine (25- or 32-round counts) firing the smaller 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. All other aspects of the weapon were generally similar to the AUG rifle line detailed elsewhere on this site.

The AUG A3 Para XS was a similar submachine gun version though this being based on the AUG A3 rifle. This version sported a 13 inch barrel as well as MIL-STD-1913 rail accessories support.

Steyr AUG Para Specification


- Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security


Overall Length:

665 mm (26.18 in)

Barrel Length:

420 mm (16.54 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

7.28 lb (3.30 kg)


Swarovski 1.5x Telescopic Sight as standard




Muzzle Velocity:

1,312 feet-per-second (400 meters-per-second)


700 rounds-per-minute

Effective Range:

760 ft (232 m; 253 yd)


AUG Para - Base Series Designation

AUG 9mm - Alternative Designation

AUG SMG - Alternative Designation

AUG Para XS - Simialr smg form built upon the AUG A3 production rifle; 13-inch barrel assembly; MIL-STD-1913 rail accessories support.

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