PGM Mini-Hecate II History

PGM Precision of France currently (2022) markets three distinct combat rifles - the PGM338, the "Ultima Ratio", the "Hecate II", and its downsized cousin, the "Mini-Hecate II". While the PGM338 and Ultima Ratio fulfill the general role of troop-level sniper, the Hecate II is a powerful, oversized Anti-Material Rifle (AMR) design - a large, heavy-duty, destructive rifle used to defeat enemy armor, vehicle components, fortified positions, and serve in the counter-sniper role as needed. The Mini-Hecate II deviates from this approach and centers its design more in line with general NATO-type, infantry-level sniper rifle offers similar to the company's PGM338 and Ultima Ratio (both detailed elsewhere on this site).

The Mini-Hecate II is an all-modern, modular tactical design. Its butt pad is height-adjustable and integrated to the shoulder stock. The cheekpiece is similarly adjustable and a folding "butt spike" monopod supports the rear of this heavy weapon system. Furthermore, the stock can be folded over the receiver to reduce the rifle's overall length in storage/transport and on-the-march actions. Five total sling points are provided, two forward and three rearward. The receiver is completed of high-strength steel alloy.

The rifle relies on the proven manual bolt-action system of operation. This involves construction of high-strength steel and has three forward lugs in the process. The operator manages the bold handle which is offset to the right side of the frame. This action clears the chamber of a spent cartridge and introduces a fresh cartridge from the awaiting magazine. The magazine well is positioned just ahead of the pistol grip/trigger unit in the usual way and accepts a 5-round (single-stack) detachable box conforming to the overall sleek shape of the rifle. The trigger assembly is fully-adjustable, of match grade quality, and double-stage function.

Over the receiver is seated a long run of Picatinny rail for the mounting of power scopes for magnification to achieve the desired results regarding precision and accuracy at-range. Side rail kits add additional mounting points at the sides of the forend, suitable for tactical options like laser aimers and flashlights. Under the aft-end of the forend is found a folding, adjustable bipod support assembly. It is detachable in the design and offers two positions while being able to fold against the rifle either forwards or rearwards. The "business end" of the rile sees an open-type muzzle brake fitted, this assembly used to reverse recoil flow by as much as 50%. Additionally, the rifle can be equipped with a suppressor for more clandestine work at-range.

Depending on the variant of the series (Commando 60, Commando 69, and Commando 72), the rifle is available in several proven cartridge caliber chamberings including 300 Norma Magnum (300 NM), 300PRC, 338 Norma Magnum (338 NM), 338 Lapua Magnum (338 L), and the relatively new 375 SwissP (SWISS P).

The Commando 60, Commando 69, and Commando 76 variants are named as such due to their barrel lengths (60cm, 69cm, and 76cm, respectively). The rifles, therefore, differ in overall weight as well, the values being 6. 7kg, 6. 9kg, and 8. 1kg. All forms feature fluted barrels of the "free floating" type, the assembly touching nothing but the receiver along its length.

Beyond this, the Commando 60 has an overall length of 115cm and this is reduced to 90cm when the stock is folded over the receiver for transport. Likewise, the Commando 69 reaches 124cm in total length and reduces to 99cm with the stock folded. The Commando 76 has an overall length of 131cm and reduces down to 106cm for transport.

PGM Mini-Hecate II Specification


Service Year





Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle


PGM Precision - France




Accuracy / Precision

Long-range accuracy / precision capable; suitable for sniping, particularly when equipped with sighting aids.

Special Forces

Qualities of this weapon have shown its value to Special Forces elements requiring a versatile, reliable solution for the rigors of special assignments.



Supports silenced / suppressed actions - by way of silencer, suppressor, or subsonic ammunition - for clandestine operations.


Operating action requires operator management of a bolt-handle or similar, clearing the chamber of spent cartrides and introducing a fresh cartridge from the magazine.


Supports mounting of optics (scopes) to aid in accuracy for ranged fire.


Aiming can be aided by use of a bipod support assembly, either as an integral part of design or option.


Design allows for user adjustability of certain components for customization.


Design offers mounting points for external, after-market hardware including laser aimers, flashlights, scopes, and grips.


Overall Length

1,150 mm

45. 28 in

Barrel Length

600 mm

23. 62 in

Empty Wgt

14. 77 lb

6. 70 kg


Over-Receiver Optics; S&B 5-25x56 PM II/LP


Manually-Actuated, Bolt-Action System.


Manually-actuated process of managing the bolt lever to eject spent cartridge case, clearing the breech, to introduce fresh catridge into the chamber.

(Material presented above is for historical and entertainment value and should not be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance, or general operation - always consult official manufacturer sources for such information)



300NM, 300PRC, 338NM, 338L, and 375 SWISS P

Sample Visuals**

Rounds / Feed

5-round detachable box magazine.

*May not represent an exhuastive list; calibers are model-specific dependent, always consult official manufacturer sources. **Graphics not to actual size; not all cartridges may be represented visually; graphics intended for general reference only.





Muzzle Velocity

3,000 ft/sec

(914 m/sec)


Mini-Hecate II - Base Series Name. Commando 60 - Baseline model of 115cm/90cm (folded) length; 60cm barrel length; 6. 7kg weight; 300PRC and 338L chamberings. Commando 69 - Intermediate-length model of 124cm/99cm; 69cm long barrel; 6. 9kg weight; 300NM, 338NM, and 338L chamberings. Commando 76 - Full-length model of 131cm/106cm; 76cm barrel; 8. 1kg weight; 375 SWISS P chambering.

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