Harris M93 History

The 0.50 caliber anti-material heavy rifle is a standard fixture of any modern military of the world today. Its advantages lie in its ability to accurately deliver a large bullet at lengthy distances, penetrating the surfaces of light armored vehicles or fortified structures. Many gun providers have since thrown their hats into the "anti-material rifle ring" and Harris Gunworks brought about their M93 specifically for the role. The M93 can reach targets with accuracy out to 2,400 meters.

At its core, the M93 is something of an oversized rifle relying on a tried-and-true, bolt-action mechanism used to introduce fresh cartridges into the firing chamber and eject spent shell casings in turn. The weapon system is fed by a 5- or 10-round detachable box magazine fitted into a well at the underside of the receiver just ahead of the trigger group. The weapon features a rifle-style appearance with integrated shoulder stock, forend and a steel barrel. The barrel is free-floating (the stock does not touch any portion of the barrel's length) in its design which improves accuracy and is capped by a "pepper-pot" style muzzle brake to help reduce the inherently violent recoil effects of firing such a large cartridge. The cartridge in question is the .50 Cal BMG (12.7mm), a cartridge born from the Browning Machine Gun (BMG) family that has proven effective against light-armored targets and devastating against personnel.

The M93 features a receiver machined from either solid 4340 Chrome Molly or 416 Stainless Steel and is completed with a black oxide finish. The stock is of graphite/fiberglass for lightweight and durability, hinged to fold over to one side, and comes complete with an adjustable cheek piece. The stock can also be removed for ease of transport. At the base of the stock is a monopod which works in conjunction with the folding, adjustable bipod assembly fitted ahead of the forend. Across the top of the receiver is a section of Picatinny Rail which allows for the fitting of standard or specialized optics to suit the misson at hand. The M93 features a running length of 54 inches and weighs 25lbs with its optics package installed.

Additional accessories include a laser rangefinder, night vision scope and 4-16x optical sight. A soft backpack or hardened travel case is available.

Harris M93 Specification


- Anti-Tank / Anti-Material / Breaching

- Long-Range Precision


Overall Length:

1,372 mm (54.02 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

24.96 lb (11.32 kg)


Standard Optics.



Manually-Actuated Bolt Action


M93 - Base Series Designation

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