Remington-Beals 1st Model History

Firearms engineer Fordyce Beals (1807-1870) wound up working for E. Remington & Sons for a time before moving to competitor Whitneyville Armory, beginning that chapter in 1854. However, his stay there was short-lived for her returned to Remington two years later. During his second stint with the renowned gun company, he developed what would become the Remington-Beals 1st Model, a 5-shot pocket revolver which appeared in mid-1856. While the design allowed Remington to crack the civilian gun market, it was more prominent as a revolver that saw service with both sides of the American Civil War (1861-1865).

The gun's design was typical of the period though very clean. The barrel was octagonal and the cylinder smooth-sided. The grip was integral and covered in wooden grips for some comfort. The trigger was underslung beneath the action in the usual way and the hammer exposed at the rear of the frame. The frame itself was solid which added robustness to the design. Its compact dimensions were respectable especially with discerning buyers seeking concealment for their firearms. The cylinder held five .31 rounds and the firing action was percussion cap. The barrel assembly measured 3" long.

The Remington-Beals 1st Model was followed by the second entry in the line - appropriately designated the Remington-Beals 1nd Model (detailed elsewhere on this site).

All of the guns in the line were manufactured at the Remington Armory in Ilion, New York.

Remington-Beals 1st Model Specification


- Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security

- Sidearm


Barrel Length:

76 mm (2.99 in)





Five-Shot; Percussion Cap


5 rounds-per-minute


1st Model - Base Series Name

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