Remington-Beals 2nd Model History

The success of the Remington-Beals 1st Model pocket revolver led to a follow-up product in the aptly-named Remington-Beals 2nd Model. Fordyce Beals was the man behind the design and lent his name to the product. In the new offering, a "spur" trigger (button-actuated) replaced the more conventional trigger and the hammer was revised. Walnut wooden or checkered rubber grips were now offered as well. The 2nd Model continued support of the .31 round and also fired from a five-round rotating cylinder (percussion cap actuated). The barrel was octagonal and 3" in length. The spur trigger design quality gave better concealment performance.

The 2nd Model gun saw service in the American Civil War (1861-1865). The guns were produced out of the Remington Armory at Ilion, New York.

The Remington-Beals 2nd Model was itself followed by a third entry in the family line - this becoming the Remington-Beals 3rd Model pocket revolver detailed elsewhere on this site.

Remington-Beals 2nd Model Specification


- Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security

- Sidearm


Barrel Length:

76 mm (2.99 in)





Percussion Cap; Five-Shot


5 rounds-per-minute


2nd Model - Base Series Name

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