Taurus Judge (4510TKR-3SS) History

The "Judge", developed by Brazil's Taurus, is a powerful revolver as sidearms go. Defined as a "combo gun", the pistol is able to chamber both the .410 (2-1/2" shotgun shell and the .45 Colt cartridge as needed with feeding by way of a five-round rotating cylinder. The weapon sports a highly conventional design arrangement and is intended to be concealed-carry for close-in self-defense. Taurus claims that many judges rely on the Taurus Judge for courtroom protection and hence that is where the name of the gun arises.

The Judge is based on Taurus' earlier Colt .45 revolver.

An extended ejector rod allows for positive extraction of spent shell casings and the rubber grip absorbs some of the shock encountered when firing the inherently powerful rounds. A red fiber optic dot is found at the forward sighting device while the rear sight is fixed. A transfer bar located at the hammer portion of the action prevents it from striking unless the trigger is fully pulled to the rear. The frame's finish is of matte steel and the frame itself is categorized as compact. Overall weight is 0.82 kilograms and overall length measures 7-1/2 inches. The barrel is 3" long. The cylinder's chambers are specially designed to prevent use of longer or higher-pressure cartridges.

The Judge pistol also forms the basis for the Taurus-Rossi "Circuit Judge", a carbine weapon with full shoulder stock, grip and forend as well as extended barrel. The barrel measures 18.5 inches long and uses the original chambering of the pistol. A Picatinny rail over the receiver is optional. Rossi marks a partner company to Taurus.

Taurus Judge (4510TKR-3SS) Specification


- Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security

- Sidearm


Overall Length:

193 mm (7.60 in)

Barrel Length:

76 mm (2.99 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

1.81 lb (0.82 kg)


Fixed Rear; Fiber Optic Front



Revolving Cylinder; Double-Action (DA / Single-Action (SA)

Effective Range:

165 ft (50 m; 55 yd)


Judge - Base Series Name

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