Zijiang M99 (Type 99) AMR History

Chinese Army and Marine Corps services added the Zijiang M99 Anti-Material Rifle (AMR) to its inventory around 2005. The heavy weapon is a semi-automatic system firing the 12.7x108mm Soviet cartridge from a 5-round detachable box magazine. While in circulation for over a decade, the rifle's qualities have only recently become known in the West thanks to its appearance with Free Syrian Army forces of the long-running Syrian Civil War (2011-Present).

The M99 relies on a direct impingement gas operation (with rotating-bolt lock) not unlike the classic American AR-15/M16 rifles. The gas cylinder sits atop the barrel assembly and taps the barrel near its midway point. The muzzle end of the barrel sports a massive multi-port brake to help contend with the inherently violent recoil effects of firing such a large and powerful cartridge. The receiver is left sparely detailed with the ejection port seated to the right side in the usual way. A pistol grip/trigger unit area is found aft of the magazine well. The shoulder stock showcases padded surfaces and offers some customizable comfort for the shooter. A section of rail is seated over the receiver and accepts various optical fits. A bipod assembly, hinged to fold away for transport/carriage, is found under the barrel and ahead of the magazine well.

Overall weight of the weapon is 26 pounds. Overall length is 58 inches with a barrel measuring 31.5 inches long. Muzzle velocity is listed at 2,625 feet per second. Maximum firing range is out to 1,500 meters.

There are two other forms of the M99 recognized - the M99-II and the M06. The former is said to be chambered for the American .50 BMG cartridge while the latter is a unique bullpup-arranged, drum-fed version of the M99. It is unknown what level of circulation these two models have reached to date (2016).

Manufacture of the M99 is from the Zijiang Machinery Company (Arsenal 9656) which gets its name from the Zijiang River that runs near it. The facility has been operational since 1965.

Zijiang M99 (Type 99) AMR Specification


- Anti-Tank / Anti-Material / Breaching


Overall Length:

1,500 mm (59.06 in)

Weight (Unloaded):

26.46 lb (12.00 kg)


Over-Receiver Optics.




Muzzle Velocity:

2,625 feet-per-second (800 meters-per-second)

Effective Range:

5,000 ft (1,524 m; 1,667 yd)


M99 (Model 99) - Base Series Designation

M99-II - Variant chambered for the Western .50 BMG cartridge.

M06 - Bullpup variant; supports feeding from a drum magazine.

Type 99 - Alternative Designation

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